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Dentist Utrecht

Don’t want to have to travel back to your hometown for a dental appointment? Then finding a dentist in the place where you study is the solution! Studentist is a dentist in Utrecht that is aimed at students.

Benefits of our dental practice in Utrecht:

  • Dental practice in the centre of Utrecht, close to the university
  • Cheapest treatments
  • Transparency in knowing what you will pay in advance
  • Provided within 1 day

Toothache or tooth damage? You can come to us with your urgent dental problems.

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Contact details Studentist Utrecht

Studentist Utrecht
Keistraat 4
3512 HV Utrecht

Phone: 030 751 0106
Emergency: (outside opening hours): 020 303 4500

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09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00





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Would you like to schedule periodic check-ups or a first appointment at our Utrecht dental practice? Make a direct appointment online. Other appointments can only be made by phone at 030 751 0106.

Cancelling an appointment

Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance by contacting the practice in question, leaving a voicemail message or clicking the cancellation link in the confirmation email (only for check-ups). Appointments that are not cancelled within 48 hours will be billed for. Appointments on Mondays can be cancelled free of charge no later than the following Thursday before the Monday appointment. Appointments on the day after a public holiday can be cancelled free of charge no later than the previous working day up to the time of the appointment.

Studentist Utrecht

Directions to our Utrecht dental practice

Studentist, the dentist in Utrecht, is located in the centre of Utrecht at Keistraat 4. As a student, you can easily get on your bike or take public transport to our practice. From Utrecht Central Station, you can catch several buses and arrive at our location within 10 minutes:

  • City bus 8 (direction Diakonessenhuis) – Stop Janskerkhof
  • Bus 77 (direction Bilthoven) – Stop Janskerkhof
  • City bus 2 (direction Ringlijn Museumkwartier) – Stop Janskerkhof
  • Bus 50 (direction Wageningen Bus Station) – Stop Janskerkhof
  • City bus 5 (direction Voordorp) – Stop Janskerkhof

The above bus advice is subject to alterations. Timetables may change. Therefore, it is always useful to check before you leave. Are you looking for a dentist who is centrally located in Utrecht? Then Studentist Utrecht is ideal!

Dentist prices Utrecht 2022

We provide the most economical treatment methods without compromising quality. We provide a clear quote for the price of your treatment in advance. In the table below, you will find our dental rates for students in Utrecht. The table lists the rates for the most common treatments. At Studentist, you will always be helped by a professional dentist who’s not only experienced but provides affordable services.

Dentist Prices Utrecht 2022

Intake consultation
€ 46,91
Periodic check-up
€ 23,45
Small X-ray (taking and assessment)
€ 17,23
Assessment of small X-ray
€ 12,96
Tandarts Mevr. K.L. ten Böhmer, MSc

Tandarts Mevr. L. Jacobs-Verburgt, MSc.

Geregistreerd Mondhygiënist Dhr. B.M. Rutten, BSc

Geregistreerd Mondhygiënist Dhr. A. Naveed, BaH.

Mondhygiënist Mevr. M. van den Brink, BSc.

Tandartsassistente Mevr. P.C. Vet

Studente Mondzorgkunde Mevr. S. Adel

Preventie-assistente Mevr. S. Bijker

Studente Tandheelkunde Mevr. J. Kindt

Studente Mondzorgkunde Mevr. L. Ouallil

Balie-assistente Mevr. M. Teijema

Stagiaire Mondzorgkunde Mevr. F. Nieuwenhuijs

Stagiaire Tandarts-assistente Mevr. S. Kuyucu

Meet our team

The team at Studentist Utrecht is always here for you! We are happy to help you with all your dental problems.

Meet our whole team

Our dental practice in Utrecht

You will find our dental practice in the centre of Utrecht, near Utrecht University and the Dom Tower. So, you can get on your bike straight from the university and arrive at the practice within 5 minutes. There is plenty of space to park your bike at the practice. Coming by public transport? Then take bus 28 towards Janskerkhof from the University.

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Will your appointment be reimbursed?

As a student, you do not want a high bill after visiting the dentist. Thus, it is always a good idea to find out what your insurance covers. In the Netherlands, basic insurance covers most dental treatments for young people under 18. Treatments for adults are often not included in the basic package. There are exceptions, namely when you need special dentistry, for example, care due to a developmental disorder or abnormalities of the mouth.

Do you still want to be reimbursed for dental costs? Then one option is to take out supplementary insurance with your health insurer. The reimbursement of treatments will vary depending on the insurer.

Health insurers

Studentist has contracts with most health insurers. Would you like to know whether your health insurer is one of them? Send an email to the practice in question.

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Do you live in Utrecht and are you looking for a new dentist? Then dental practice Studentist is the practice for you!

Frequently asked questions to Studentist Utrecht

At our dental practice in Utrecht, we are frequently asked the same questions. To help you, we have answered them here. Do you have a question that we did not answer below? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Our advice is to have a periodic check-up at your dentist at least twice a year. This is because these check-ups can help identify dental problems at an early stage. This way, the dentist can intervene in time to prevent bigger problems.

Why should I visit the dentist twice a year?

If you have your teeth checked twice a year, the dentist can identify possible problems at an early stage. This way, you can avoid major interventions with high costs. Of course, you can combine your appointment at our Utrecht dental practice with a dental hygienist appointment.

Are only students allowed to register at Studentist Utrecht?

Studentist is a dental clinic for students in Utrecht and the surrounding area. The practice is conveniently located, and we charge the lowest possible rates. At Studentist, we only accept students as patients. So, for your first visit, bring your student card with you.

Which dental treatments are covered by insurance?

If you have supplementary dental insurance, your insurer will often reimburse your dental costs. Depending on your insurance policy, the treatments covered may vary. Your insurance policy will tell you which costs are covered by your insurance company.

What rates does Studentist Utrecht charge?

Every year, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) sets the costs for dental treatments. Still, not all dental practices in the Netherlands charge the same rates. At Studentist, we want to provide you with the most advantageous treatment methods for the best prices. Want to know more about our rates? Take a look at our price list.

Where is the dental practice in Utrecht?

Our Utrecht dental practice is located within the city centre, just a 10-minute walk from the station. You can also easily reach us by bus. Buses 77 and 50 stop near the dental practice, as do city buses 2, 5 and 8.

Can I visit Studentist Utrecht in case of emergencies?

If you need urgent dental care, you can visit us outside our regular opening hours. For emergencies, call our emergency dental clinic in Utrecht: 020 303 4500.

Visit us at Studentist Utrecht denistry

You will find our practice located at Keistraat 4 in Utrecht. It is easy to reach us by car and public transport.

Dental Practice Utrecht

Keistraat 4

3512 HV Utrecht

Telephone: 030 751 0106

Emergency (outside opening hours):  020 303 4500


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