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Are your teeth a bit crooked, have they turned yellow or is there a small gap between them? At Studentist we can find a suitable solution. This could possibly be solved by placing veneers. Do you want to know whether veneers offer the solution? Then make an appointment at Studentist Amsterdam.

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What are veneers?

Facings are shields, made of porcelain or composite, that we place over your teeth. With them, we correct small gaps, crooked teeth, discoloration and even chipped teeth. With veneers you determine the shape and color of your teeth together with the dentist.
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The difference between composite and porcelain veneers

As mentioned, we make the veneers from composite or porcelain. We are happy to explain the difference between the two.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain veneers and are often placed in just one treatment. The disadvantage of this type of veneers is that they often discolor over time and have a shorter lifespan.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers have a longer lifespan, do not discolor and require little maintenance. However, these veneers are more expensive and not placed within one treatment.

To have facings placed: the treatment

The treatment to place facings consists of a number of steps, which we would like to explain to you. We distinguish between the porcelain veneers and the composite varieties.

Composite veneers placement

As mentioned, we place composite veneers in as little as one treatment. We begin the treatment by determining the color. Then we treat your teeth with bonding material, place the veneers and harden them. Finally, we grind the veneers into the desired shape and polish them.

Porcelain veneers placement

Porcelain veneers placement we perform in two appointments. During the first appointment, we grind the tooth and then take a plaster cast of your teeth and determine the desired color. With that plaster cast, we then create custom-made veneers. During the second treatment, we place the veneer on the grinded tooth.

The costs of Facings

The costs surrounding veneers depend on a number of factors. The material is an important factor, but also the number of veneers you would like to have. On average you can count on the following costs:


Costs of composite veneers
Between €100 and €150 per tooth

Costs of porcelain veneers
Between €350 and €500 per tooth

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Frequently asked questions about veneers

How long do veneers last?

Porcelain veneers last up to 10 years, the composite veneers about 3 to 6 years. Do you drink a lot of tea and coffee or smoke? Then the veneers will unfortunately discolor a bit faster.

Do I get reimbursed for the cost of dental veneers?

No, unfortunately you get the costs around facings not reimbursed from your basic insurance. Do you have supplementary insurance? Then your insurance might cover (part of) the costs. For more information about this, contact your health insurance company.

When are veneers not possible?

In order to prevent your teeth from becoming too large because of the veneers, we sometimes grind your teeth slightly. Facings placement is not possible if there is too little of your own tooth left before starting treatment.

How quickly do veneers discolor?

As mentioned above, porcelain veneers don’t discolor much, if at all. De composiet varianten verkleuren helaas wat sneller. Hoe snel dit is, is afhankelijk van je leefgewoontes. So avoid too much coffee, tea and tobacco.

Do I need to take extra care of facings?

No, the veneers do not need extra care. Je poetst de facings net als je eigen tanden twee keer per dag. Ook met facings is het nodig om de ruimte tussen je tanden schoon te maken. Gebruik hiervoor tandenstokers, flosdraad of ragertjes. Kom daarnaast twee keer per jaar langs voor een periodieke controle.

May I eat anything with veneers?

Yes, with veneers you can basically eat anything. Just be careful not to bite on hard things like pickles or pens. This is not good for your natural teeth either.

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