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General dentistry Amsterdam Center

It is important to have your teeth checked regularly by a dentist or dental hygienist to prevent problems and complaints. Some of our common general treatments include:

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What is general dentistry?

General dentistry includes all treatments that ensure that your teeth remain healthy. These are mainly basic treatments. Following an oral examination, the dentist will provide advice on treatments that will ensure that you maintain beautiful and healthy teeth.

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You can register as a new customer on our website. Here you enter your details and you can provide important information about your teeth. We have no queue and you are assured that you will be helped quickly.

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Dental costs

The national rates for the dentist are determined annually by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). By always choosing the most affordable treatment method, we ensure that you never pay too much, without the quality suffering. For the prices of our other treatments, view our complete overview with all rates.

Your dental insurance

Until the age of 18, dental treatments are 100% reimbursed by your health insurer from your basic insurance. From the age of 18, the reimbursement depends on the additional dental insurance you have taken out. For more information about the reimbursements, it is best to contact your health insurer.

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Would you like to know more about one of our treatments or would you like to make an appointment directly with our dentist in Amsterdam? Please contact the practice in Amsterdam by calling 020 751 0839 or use the buttons below.

The intake interview

At your first appointment you will meet your dentist. An oral examination is carried out and we discuss the history of your teeth. To get a good picture of your teeth and molars, we may take X-rays. Based on this check, we will draw up a treatment plan with you.

Periodic check

It is important to have your teeth checked regularly. Based on the intake interview, the dentist estimates how often per year you should return for a check-up. Usually this is twice a year. During the six-monthly check-up we examine the condition of your gums, teeth and molars. We also check your teeth for cavities.

Our treatments

Based on your wishes and the dentist’s findings, we will recommend various treatments for healthy teeth. Of course, you decide which one you have carried out. Some of our common general and cosmetic treatments are:

Fear of the dentist

Our dentists specialize in treating anxious patients. During the intake interview you will get to know our dentist and the practice. In this conversation we will discuss your possible dental fear, so that we can draw up a treatment plan for you. By making good agreements, we will gradually help you get rid of your fear.

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