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Studentist is located in the center of Amsterdam at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A. We are easily accessible by public transport and by bicycle.
From Amsterdam Central Station you can reach our dental practice in Amsterdam Center within 10 minutes. You can take the following tram lines:

  • Tram 14 (direction Flevopark) – Rokin stop
  • Tram 24 (towards VU medical center) – Muntplein stop
  • Tram 4 (towards RAI Station) – Stop Spui (Rokin)
  • Metro 51 (direction Westwijk) – Nieuwmarkt Metro Station
  • Metro 52 (towards Station Zuid) – Rokin Metro Station

From the Muntplein tram stop, walk across the Rokin and turn left across the water via the Doelensluis. From the Doelensluis you continue on the Nieuwe Doelenstraat. You will find the Studentist practice on your left.

From Nieuwemarkt metro station, walk towards Kloveniersbrugwal and turn left. Walk straight ahead along the water. After about 500 meters the Kloveniersbrugwal turns slightly to the right and changes into the Nieuwe Doelenstraat. On the right you will find Studentist’s dental practice.
Please note: the above advice is subject to change. Timetables are subject to change. Therefore, always consult before departure.

Dentist in Amsterdam

Parking at our dental practice

If you come to our practice by car, you have various parking options. For example, you can park your car along the Amstel. If you walk from the Amstel towards Rokin and turn right at Muntplein, you will arrive at Nieuwe Doelenstraat via the Doelensluis. It is also possible to park your car at the Kloveniersburgwal. If you walk from Kloveniersburgwal towards Muntplein, you will pass through Nieuwe Doelenstraat. You will find our dental practice at number 3 on your right.

Our opening hours

Studentist Amsterdam
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A
1012 CP Amsterdam

Phone: 020 751 0839
Emergency: (outside opening hours): 020 723 48 48

Opening hours


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 – 21:15


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00





Tandarts Mevr. A.C. Koevoets, Msc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. L. Jacobs-Verburgt, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. M.F. Wilschut, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. T. Hakim, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. K.L. ten Böhmer, MSc
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. V. Masthoff, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Geregistreerd Mondhygiënist Dhr. B.M. Rutten, BSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Office-manager/Preventie-assistente Mevr. L. Schoen-Piket
Amsterdam Centrum

Geregistreerd Mondhygiënist Dhr. A. Naveed, BaH.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandartsassistente Mevr. D. Nguyen
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandartsassistente Mevr. P.C. Vet
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandartsassistente Mevr. E. Arrias
Amsterdam Centrum

Studente tandheelkunde Mevr. J. Kindt
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Dhr. B. Hazenoot MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Student tandheelkunde Dhr. A.R. Lotfy
Amsterdam Centrum

Team Studentist Amsterdam

Studentist has a professional and experienced team of dentists and dental hygienists. Our dentists in Amsterdam are registered with the Dentists Quality Register. This means that our dentists meet the standards that apply to the professional practice of the dental profession.

Studentist is therefore not only an affordable, but also an expert dentist in Amsterdam.

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