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Dentist Amsterdam in the city centre

Studentist is a dental practice in Amsterdam’s city centre. In our modern dental practice at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A, we are happy to help you keep your teeth beautiful and healthy.

Why Studentist Amsterdam?

  • Dentist in the city centre
  • Most affordable treatment methods
  • Precise quotes in advance
  • Get help within 1 day

At Studentist, you can often schedule dental treatments within one day. Got a toothache or tooth damage? You can come to us with your problems during our opening hours. For emergencies, call 020 751 0839 immediately.

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Dentist in Amsterdam

Contact details Studentist Amsterdam Centrum

Studentist Amsterdam
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A
1012 CP Amsterdam

Phone: 020 751 0839
Emergency: (outside opening hours): 020 723 48 48

Opening hours


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 – 21:15


09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00





Advantages of Studentist dentistry

Studentist offers the total modern dentistry package, from periodic check-ups to cavity fillings and erupting wisdom teeth to crown and bridge work. You can find all kinds of dental care solutions at Studentist. In addition, at Studentist, you can get your teeth whitened in just 1 hour!

Our practice in Amsterdam Centre

Our Amsterdam practice is equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment and is located at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A, right in the heart of the city. The practice is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and car. From Amsterdam Central Station, you can reach your destination within 10 minutes (see also: route). More information about Studentist Amsterdam Centrum.

Tandarts Mevr. A.C. Koevoets, Msc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. L. Jacobs-Verburgt, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. M.F. Wilschut, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. T. Hakim, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. K.L. ten Böhmer, MSc
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Mevr. V. Masthoff, MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Geregistreerd Mondhygiënist Dhr. B.M. Rutten, BSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Office-manager/Preventie-assistente Mevr. L. Schoen-Piket
Amsterdam Centrum

Geregistreerd Mondhygiënist Dhr. A. Naveed, BaH.
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandartsassistente Mevr. D. Nguyen
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandartsassistente Mevr. P.C. Vet
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandartsassistente Mevr. E. Arrias
Amsterdam Centrum

Studente tandheelkunde Mevr. J. Kindt
Amsterdam Centrum

Tandarts Dhr. B. Hazenoot MSc.
Amsterdam Centrum

Student tandheelkunde Dhr. A.R. Lotfy
Amsterdam Centrum

Team Studentist Amsterdam

Studentist has a skilled and experienced team of dentists and dental hygienists. Our dentists in Amsterdam are registered with the Dental Quality Register. That means our dentists meet the high practice standards associated with the dental profession.

Studentist is not only affordable, but it is also an expert dentist in Amsterdam.

Meet our whole team

Why Studentist?

Our dental practice is located in the centre of Amsterdam, near the university. We provide the most affordable treatments without compromising quality. We will always provide a full treatment quote in advance, so you will never have to face unexpected costs. For a periodic check-up or standard treatment, you can often schedule a visit at Studentist Amsterdam within 1 day of contacting us!

Online dental appointment Amsterdam

Using the tool below, you can schedule an appointment for a routine check-up or a first-time appointment with a dentist. Please note: other appointments can only be made by telephone by calling 020 751 0839.

Directions to the Studentist Amsterdam Centre dental practice

Studentist is located in the centre of Amsterdam at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A. We are easy to reach by both public transport and bicycle. From Amsterdam Central Station, you can get to our practice within 10 minutes. Going by public transport? Then you can take one of the following tram lines from Amsterdam Central:

    • Tram 14 (direction Flevopark) – Rokin stop
    • Tram 24 (direction VU medical centre) – Muntplein stop
    • Tram 4 (direction RAI station) – Stop Spui (Rokin)
    • Metro 51 (direction Westwijk) – Metro station Nieuwmarkt
    • Metro 52 (in the direction of Station Zuid) – Metro station Rokin

    From the Muntplein tram stop, walk across Rokin and turn left to cross the water via the Doelensluis. From the Doelensluis, walk onto Nieuwe Doelenstraat. You will then find the Studentist dental practice on your left.

    From the Nieuwemarkt metro station, walk towards Kloveniersbrugwal and then turn left. Keep walking straight ahead, following the water. After about 500 metres, Kloveniersbrugwal will turn slightly to the right and become Nieuwe Doelenstraat. You will find the Studentist dental practice on the right.

Please note that the above advice is subject to change. Timetables may be updated. Therefore, always check before you depart.

Route description to the dental practice
Dentist in Amsterdam and Utrecht

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Make An Appointment

Want to make an appointment with the dentist directly? You can use our online appointment system to schedule first appointments or periodic check-ups. Other types of appointments can only be made by phone by calling 020 751 0839.

Other than periodic check-ups or first-time appointments, appointments can only be made by phone! In such cases, call Studentist Amsterdam: 020 751 0839.

Make an appointment directly

Cancelling appointments

Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the scheduled treatment. Do you want to cancel your appointment? Then contact Studentist Amsterdam directly by calling, leaving a voicemail message or clicking the cancellation link in the confirmation email (only for periodic check-ups). If you are too late and cannot cancel the appointment within the required time, you will still be charged. Appointments on Mondays can be cancelled free of charge no later than the Thursday before the time of the Monday appointment. Appointments on the day after a public holiday can be cancelled free of charge up to the time of the appointment, no later than the previous working day.

New Patients

Haven’t found a dentist in Amsterdam yet? Studentist is accepting new patients! During your first visit, a comprehensive dental check-up will be carried out. In some cases, this involves taking images of your teeth. If you are new to Studentist, you can use the above online appointment system to schedule your first appointment with one of our dentists. You can also make an appointment by phone by calling 020 751 0839.

Periodic check-ups

In order to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful, it is important to visit the dentist regularly for periodic check-ups. After all, your teeth do a lot of work, so if you delay treatment, your tooth problem will only get worse. At Studentist, you can easily and quickly schedule your periodic check-up using our online appointment system.

Read more about periodic check-up

Dentist prices 2022

Rates for dental treatments are set nationwide by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). However, this does not mean that you will pay the same price at our practice as you would at another dentist. Studentist takes your budget into account, and, if possible, we always choose the cheapest treatment method without compromising quality. Rates for some of the most common treatments can be found below.

Treatment Price

Intake consultation
€ 46,91
Periodic check-up
€ 23,45
Small X-ray (taking and assessment)
€ 17,23
Assessing small X-ray
€ 12,96

Health insurers

Studentist has contracts with most health insurers. Want to know if your health insurer is one of them? Send an email to our practice at or call 020 751 0839.

Customer experiences Studentist Amsterdam

The satisfaction of our patients is very important to us. Therefore, we regularly ask them if they would like to post feedback or a review. Read about the experiences of our patients. Are you already a patient with us? We would really appreciate it if you could leave a review about your experience(s) at our dental practice in Amsterdam.

Frequently asked questions to Studentist Amsterdam

Do you have a question for Studentist in Amsterdam? We have answered the most frequently asked questions for you. Can’t find your question in this list? Then please contact us.

Why do I need to go to the dentist?

Our dentist in Amsterdam will help you take good care of your teeth. If you do not visit the dentist regularly, you run the risk of increased dental problems.

When should I visit the dentist?

We recommend having your teeth checked by the dentist at least every 6 months. These are called periodic check-ups. Such periodic check-ups help in detecting possible dental problems at early stages. The dentist will then be able to intervene in time, helping to prevent much bigger problems with higher costs. In addition to periodic check-ups, we recommend seeing your dentist right away in case of any other dental problems.

Is Studentist Amsterdam only for students?

Yes, Studentist is only for students. Affordable dentistry is particularly important for students. However, our low rates do not reflect the quality of service. In our modern clinics in Amsterdam and elsewhere, we perform all kinds of dental treatments. We ask that you bring your student card with you to your first appointment.

Which treatments at Studentist Amsterdam are covered by insurance?

With basic insurance, many surgical procedures, such as pulling your wisdom teeth, are covered. Most supplementary dental insurances cover the costs of common procedures, such as check-ups or cavity fillings. You can check this on your insurance policy or inquire with your insurance provider.

What are the costs at Studentist Amsterdam?

The costs for dental treatments are set each year by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). However, this does not mean that you will pay the same at all practices in the Netherlands. In close consultation with our clients, our costs are often far below those of other practices, so please check our price list.

Where is Studentist Amsterdam located?

Our dental practice is located in the centre of Amsterdam. From Central Station, you can be at the practice within 10 minutes if you leave on foot. You can also catch trams 4, 14, 24, 51 or 52, as they all stop near our location.

What should I do in case of dental emergencies?

Call our emergency dentist in Amsterdam: 020 723 48 48. In case of emergencies, we will help you as soon as possible, even outside our opening hours.

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You will find our dental practice office at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A in Amsterdam. We are easy to reach by car and public transport.

Tandartspraktijk Studentist Amsterdam

Dental Practice Amsterdam Centre

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 1A, 1012 CP

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Telephone: 020 751 0839

Emergency (outside opening hours): 020 723 48 48


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