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Dentist rates

The dental rates in the Netherlands are determined annually for the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). However, that does not mean that you pay the same price at every dentist. Studentist always tries to use the most beneficial treatment method in consultation with the patient, without the quality of the treatment suffering. Below you can see the rates of some common treatments. At the bottom of this page you will find the NZa decisions in which all rates have been determined. If you have any questions about the costs of a specific treatment, you can contact us.

Dentist rates 2023

Health insurer reimbursement

Until you turn 18, dental treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer's basic insurance. If you are 18 years or older, it depends on your health insurer whether the treatments are reimbursed. Check with your health insurer whether the treatment is reimbursed. See the costs of common treatments below.

Rates in 2023

Intake consultation
€ 50,54
Periodic control
€ 25,27
Problem-oriented consultation
€ 25,27
Take and assess small x-ray
€ 18,62
Assess small x-ray
€ 13,96
Taking and reviewing jaw overview photograph
€ 79,79
Review jaw overview photograph
€ 29,26
Dental cleaning, per five minutes
€ 14,91
Conduction, infiltration and/or intraligamentary anesthesia
€ 16,62
Drying of elements using a rubber pad
€ 13,30
Single-surface composite filling
€ 53,20
Two-surface composite filling
€ 69,82
Three-plane composite filling
€ 83,12
Pulling tooth or molar
€ 49,87
Difficulty extracting tooth, with mucoperiosteal folding
€ 79,79

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Technical costs 2023

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