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Teeth grinding Amsterdam

Teeth grinding is a common problem that damages your teeth. Teeth grinding is also called bruxism and can be extremely annoying. The grinding can have various causes.

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What is teeth grinding?

With teeth grinding, or bruxism, the teeth slide over each other at night and make a grinding sound. This can cause serious damage to your teeth. If you regularly grind your teeth in your sleep, it is wise to do something about it.

Most people grind their teeth at night, making it difficult to be aware of it. Usually people grind their teeth for a short period of time. If this lasts longer, it is advisable to visit your dentist. Chronic teeth grinding in your sleep can lead to tooth loss. Pain in the rest of the face and neck and shoulders is also a possible consequence of grinding your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard can prevent tooth wear.

What are the causes of teeth grinding?

Usually the cause of teeth grinding is not completely clear. People often do this unconsciously and have no idea what causes it. The most common causes are:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress, alcohol and smoking
  • Use of drugs
  • Disorders of the nervous system
  • Medication use

Recognizing teeth grinding

There are many symptoms by which you can recognize teeth grinding. Most people experience problems with their jaws, ears, neck and shoulders. Headaches are also a possible consequence of grinding your teeth. You often find out because your partner hears you grinding your teeth at night. If you often suffer from these complaints after sleeping, it is advisable to contact Studentist. We will examine your mouth and jaw for signs of bruxism and provide advice on preventing further wear and tear.

Breaking the vicious circle

Grinding your teeth trains the chewing muscle, making the movement increasingly powerful. To stop grinding your teeth, this cycle must be broken. Once you can determine the cause, you can come up with a solution. Together with the dentist, the possible cause is examined. The dentist will give you advice about the treatment that is suitable for you.

Preventing teeth grinding

It is difficult to prevent teeth grinding, especially because you often don't even realize you are doing it. With the tips below you reduce the risk of grinding and dental damage is limited.

Wear a mouthguard

If your teeth are worn, your dentist recommends making a so-called splint. This is a synthetic resin mouthguard that protects the teeth against further wear. This bit also prevents the jaw from tightening, also known as jaw clenching. You will have a better night’s sleep and your teeth will be protected.

The importance of relaxing

If you are tense before going to sleep, you are more likely to tense up in your sleep and therefore grind your teeth. Try to really relax before going to sleep by, for example, taking a warm bath or doing relaxation exercises. Resting your teeth and jaws also reduces grinding. If your masticatory muscle gets a lot of rest, it will also be less active at night.

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